Home Theater 
Today, many people are turning ordinary rooms in to extraordinary gathering places for friends and family.  On of these rooms is a home theater, that Combines the highest quality audio and video, into a theater like experience at  Home.  This will allows the consumer to enjoy their choice of media, with professional results in the comfort of their home. Cynergy can design and install a professional home theater no matter what the budget, or wants of the customer. From a Screen or plasma TV, to a tube TV.  The limits are endless, and pricing depends on the quality, budget, and level of home theatre experience the consumer wants to create.

Whole house audio/video
Whole house audio is a type of home audio installation that is distributed throughout the house in various rooms, with multiple speakers. It is achieved with one or multiple audio sources playing throughout the house in one room or several, inside or out. This system is controlled with keypads located throughout the house. With consumer friendly products from top quality manufacturers, the possibilities are endless as to where you can have audio and video playing in the house, this results in a whole house audio or video system that grows as your needs do.  

Universal Remote Systems 
As with any System upgrade, or new installation today's components are more and more complex.  they all have their own remote to control them and as the consumer adds newer components the remotes just keep piling up.  well Cynergy has the solution to the coffee table basket of remotes.  Universal Remote Systems.  Cynergy can consolidate all of the remotes from your various components and integrate them into one stylish easy to use remote.

Structured Wiring Programs 
New or existing homes need an improved wiring method to handle current and future technologies. Structured wiring consists of high-performance cables and other wiring connected to a central distribution hub  This central location for all of our home’s wiring allows for easy manipulation and expansion of these systems as the homeowners needs grow or change. All of your cable,  satellite, telephone, internet, or any other subsystem within the home, are located in a one place inside the home in a stylish enclosure,  eliminating the eye sore of wires coming to outside of your home.

Home Network 
Cynergy can wire your new or existing home to a wire or wireless network configuration that will work with your high speed internet service. In today's market, high speed internet, wither its DSL, CABLE, or Satellite, is fast becoming a necessity in everyones lifestyle.  Even if you have your own home or are going to rent your vacation home, if listed under amenities in your rental agencies marketing literature, most renters will bring their laptops with them on vacation. They can either plug into a wired connection in the home through their computer network card, or wirelessly through a Wireless Access Point. OnQ Home® has the wireless solution that will meet your needs for  your vacation home, or bring your own home into the 21st century of technology.


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